We all know gas prices are astronomical, but one Utah man really paid an explosive price.

Check out this video of this man setting himself on fire while trying to steal gas from another company truck. This is wild.

The video shows the man underneath the company truck (oddly enough, it's a fire protection truck) allegedly attempting to steal gas when suddenly, the man emerges engulfed in flames.

He starts to do the 'stop, drop and roll' method we were taught in the parking lot in school. It took him a while to snuff out the flames since he was on concrete, but once he was extinguished, he took off his shirt, hopped in the car, and took off.

The company, Summit Fire and Security, told KSL TV -- this is now an arson and theft investigation.

The comments on the TV station's Facebook page above have got some good comments.

Unfortunately, this will become more and more common the longer the gas prices are sky-high.

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