The 2 Johnnies are doing America!

The 2 Johnnies are Ireland's favorite comedy duo who also are musicians and host their own podcast.

The 2 Johnnies who consist of, you guessed it, two men named Johnny; Johnny McMahon, better known as Johnny Smacks, and Johnny O’Brien, known as Johnny B, joined forces in 2016 and tour around doing live music shows and creating content for their podcast and comedy shows.

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So what exactly brought the comedy duo to Segundo Barrio to eat some amazing food at Jalisco Café? Well, the Johnnies are touring America, and their first stop was Texas.

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

The 2 Johnnies started out in Austin and then eventually made their way to the Sun City where the 2 Johnnies got to experience an authentic, and delicious, Mexican breakfast at Jalisco Café.

Note how they say "The best Mexican breakfast in El Paso"? They're not wrong!

The 2 Johnnies got to hang out with Hector Chavez, the owner of this iconic restaurant. While there, they got a lesson on chile and menudo and they learned he proper way to say goodbye in El Paso:

Jalisco Café is a great place to eat in El Paso, and it's especially great to introduce out of towners to our culture here- a place that makes you feel like you're eating at your abuelitas house.

I cannot recommend this place enough. Jalisco Cafe is a great place to support local as they give back to the community every chance they can from their free "Raspas and Books" event every Fourth of July, to the free Thanksgiving meals they give out each year.

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