If you're like any pet lover, your pets are like your kids. They mean the world to you and coming home to them makes you feel good.

And since you love your pet, you want to get a stuffed animal replica of them, wouldn't you? I know I would! Well now there is a app for that!

Well not quite an app, although I'm sure that it is in the works, but there is a website for that. The website is called Cuddle Clones and they strive for the best replica stuffed animal version of your pet.

Whether you are "cloning" your pet to just have a cool stuffed animal of your furry friend or because you want to commemorate your loving pet after they have passed. They replicate a stuffed animal for you to have for a lifetime. The website reports that about 40% of the stuffed animals are to remember loved pets that have passed and they love being able to make such a sweet memento for grieving animal lovers. I think I want to try it!

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