The legendary Texas bootmaker has been at it since 1883 and has been based in El Paso since 1986.

Sam Lucchese started Lucchese Boots with a contract to make cavalry boots for he army.  In the 1940's, he landed a contract to make a pair of boots representing each of the United States.

In the 40's, Alaska and Hawaii had not yet been admitted to the union so, I'm not sure if they got boots or not.

As meticulous as the people at Lucchese seem to be, my bet is those fledgling states eventually did get their boots.

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

From day one, Lucchese has made "cool", "exotic" and "different" boots. Here's what I meant by that. They're all pretty cool, even ordinary, quality, day to day boots for work or play.

The exotic category would apply to boots they make with skins.

We've all seen boots made of  snakeskin but these guys don't stop there. Even the snakeskin is different with Lucchese as they use day to day, garden variety snakeskins as well as not so ordinary ones like Indonesian python and cobra.

Really ... cobra ... head and all. See a pic here.  They have also used sea bass, shark, sting ray and beaver tail. That last one only happened once apparently.

Deadly Reptiles Go On Show At Children's Zoo
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The "different" category would consist of boots like super huge ones. Say a size 25 for example. (By comparison, I'm right at 6 feet tall and I wear 8 1/2 - 9 depending.)

They really did made "giant", size 25, boots for Andre The Giant. You can see them here.

Take a look behind the Lucchese curtain in the videos below.


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