Panera lovers in El Paso were in for a major bummer this weekend as the first Panera location in El Paso held their grand opening… and then days later had to temporarily close its doors to restock!

Yup, El Pasoans loved Panera so much…. they literally ordered everything on the menu! Like, everything!

Why the sudden shutdown? Well, It turns out that Panera was caught off guard by the jaw-dropping turnout from the Borderland!

The unexpected surge in crowds left the bakery cafe running on empty, forcing management to admit that they were overwhelmed by the crowd and needed to close their doors in order to re-stock.

A heartfelt sign on the front door spilled the tea, thanking the City of El Paso for the warm welcome and acknowledging the community for blowing their expectations out of the water. 

Congratulations to the wonderful City of El Paso! THANK YOU for welcoming us! You have exceeded all expectations! Due to the incredible turnout, we have no choice but to close until we can get more products to serve you! We assure you that once we are stocked back up, we will not let this happen again! We love you, Your first (but certainly not last) Panera in El Paso."


A spokesperson for Panera admitting they were floored by the overwhelming response but are actively refilling those bread baskets. 

According to local media outlets, Panera plans on reopening at 6 a.m. on Monday so if you want to get your Panera fix then head over to  6470 N. Desert Blvd, Suite J101. And if it’s still closed, don’t yell at me! I’m just the messenger!

Panera El Paso


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