The thing that I love about El Paso & that while we love when big chains open up in town, we have a LOT of smaller businesses in town that we love to support. But trying to pick just one is impossible. As we found out when we asked online about El Paso's favorite local business.

@edgeof4ever/Miguel Vigil
@edgeof4ever/Miguel Vigil

So what's El Paso's favorite local business?

Reddit posed this question a while back & there was a good number of responses (Over 100 different comments from people showing their support). So we decided to ask on our Facebook page on May 1st. The responses were OVERWHELMING: At least 500 different comments.

Some people put a single business, while others decided to group a bunch of them together in a single comment.

Now there's no way we can listen EVERY single one of them but here are a couple that received a lot of likes online:

"Happy burger, Bonnie's Cafe, El Cuco, La Pila, La Cometa, Texas Sharpening, any Mulligans establishment, Thirty 5ive Tavern and Grill, Border AleHouse, Valentine's, Bowie Bakery, Food City..." - Top Fan Vince Gabriel Martinez

"Como’s Italian Restaurant" - Top Fan Darlene Gore

"Game Vault - Game Store & Cafe" - Robo Gato

"Roscoe’s Burger" - Top Fan William P Grady

"Savagely Delicious" - Bernadette Hinojos-Martinez

"Raging Artist, In Bloom, Macha Ubi, Oats n Goats, Hippie Girl, Keva Tea" - Val Llanes

"Trap n Crab. Cheezus. Kiki’s" - Kris Lopez

"Gussie's Bakery and Brave Books" - Jennifer McKen Compton

"TinkerToy Automotive!" - Connie Hewitt

"Royal Popcorn, best Popcorn in town!" - John Slape

"Coffee Box" - William Spencer

And that's just the tip of the support iceberg; you can see WAY more down below.

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Local Businesses El Paso Loves To Support

We asked on our Facebook page, "what's a small local business that you love to support?". We got MANY responses online & here are a few of the most liked ones we received.

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