For over three decades, the Valentine Post Office has been spreading the love with personalized pictorial postmarks, making your V-Day greetings even more special.

Thanks to its remote location, the Valentine Post Office receives love letters from all corners of the world. Hopeless romantics worldwide contribute to the 10,000-12,000 valentines that land in the heart of Texas annually.

According to the United States Postal Services, A new postmark design is selected every year from a contest held among local 7-12 grade students.

This year’s artist is Jajahira Rodriguez, a 12th grader from Valentine. Her touching tribute to her tractor-driving dad, who passed away in 2022, adds an emotional twist to this year's postmark.

Courtesy: USPS
Courtesy: USPS

✉️ How to Get Yours: 

Sending love to Valentine is a piece of cake. Just address your card, slap on a Love in Bloom Forever Stamp, pop it in a larger envelope, and mail it to the Valentine Postmaster. Simple, right?

Courtesy: InsideHook/USPS
Courtesy: InsideHook/USPS

📍 Mail it to: 




VALENTINE, TX 79854-9998

The first 50 cancellations are free! If you're going all out with more than 50, it'll be a mere five cents per additional cancellation.

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