The proposed Amazon Distribution Center has broken ground in far East El Paso.

It seems that construction has begun for the new proposed Amazon Distribution Center on a 115-acre site in East El Paso by Eastlake.

At this time Amazon has not commented on whether or not it is indeed opening a Distribution Center - but there are a few clues.

Back in mid-May El Paso Inc. reported that contract bids had begun on a proposed Amazon Distribution Center that would sit on 115 acres and consist of five stories, with more than three million square feet inside.

Because of the economic downturn from the coronavirus pandemic,  the retail giant might stay mute until construction is complete and ready to move forward – but that probably won’t happen until 2021.

While the new Amazon Distribution Center would certainly boost local business and create much-needed jobs when it opens in El Paso, we’ll have to wait and see if it truly translates into thriving employment gains across our entire local economy.


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