A local woman was caught selling fake Ariana Grande concert tickets for this Thursday's concert. Police are now looking for more victims.

Ruth Garcia of Anthony, Texas, is in jail and facing one count of forgery after being found selling fake concert tickets.

Ariana Grande is bringing her Honeymoon Tour to the El Paso County Coliseum this Thursday and the stop is sold out. Fans looking for tickets have gone to secondary sites, such as Craigslist to attempt snagging tickets to the coveted show.

Ruth Garcia is now facing jail time for attempting to sell fake tickets to the people looking to get tickets at these secondary websites. Garcia allegedly posted an ad on Craigslist, under the name Claudia Camacho, stating that she had four floor seats to Thursday's concert.

The victims contacted Garcia to inquire about the tickets she had for sale. The tickets were then purchased for $100 a seat, totaling $400, on April 16. After the initial purchase, the victims noticed there were discrepancies in their tickets and attempted to call Garcia at the number she provided them with. The number didn't work so after attempts to contact her, they filed a police report. The buyers now wondered if the tickets they were sold were fake.

About a week later, the victims saw the tickets that were purchased were up for sale again. Same row, same seats were back on Craigslist for sale again. Victims arranged a meeting with Garcia June 8 at a local Walmart to confront her about the tickets. When Garcia was confronted by the victims, she ran into the Walmart to hide. The victims decided to call the police, who found Garcia and took her into custody.

She now faces forgery charges and is in the El Paso County jail being held for a $5,000 bond.

Police believe that multiple copies of the same tickets have been made. If you purchased tickets of a secondary website like Craigsist and your tickets show floor row 48, seats 37-40 please call the El paso Police Department at (915) 872-3656.

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