El Paso teachers looking for words of encouragement for their students after the mass shootings of August 3, 2019.

After the tragedy that took the innocent lives of 22 people in El Paso, a couple of local teachers took to social media to ask if people from across the country would send postcards to their students to show that there is still plenty of good people that care about others.

Teresa Garrett took to Facebook posting:

"Hello. We are teachers in El Paso. We would like to know if anyone is interested in sending us postcards to help our students know there is plenty of good in our world. As teachers, we may only be able to say so much. We think concrete messages of support would help us calm some fears. Any thoughts?"

If you are interested in sending a postcard to these students you can mail them to the following:

Hillside Elementary c/o E. Flores

  • 4500 Clifton Ave.
  • El Paso TX, 79903

Tom Lea Elementary c/o Teresa Garrett

  • 4851 Marcus Uribe Dr.
  • El Paso TX 79934

While we in El Paso are all still emerging from this dark cloud we must continue to look ahead with hope and that includes reassuring our future generation of children that the world indeed is filled with good-hearted individuals who care.

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