An El Pasoan was murdered over the weekend and a local social media website inappropriately posts a tasteless meme.

Over the weekend of January 28, 2017, 22-year old Rogelio Franco was shot and killed and another injured at Barfly, a local bar in East El Paso located at 11335 Montwood Drive.

According to the El Paso Police Department the alleged gunman, Moises Galvan was taken into custody. Soon after on Sunday morning a local social media website, 915 On Blast, posted a deplorable meme on their Facebook page sharing the news that a shooting had taken place at Barfly.

The meme displays a random smiling girl posing with a beer in hand and the meme reads:

SHOOTING AT BARFLY (Followed by several emojis with sunglasses)

NOW DEAD (Followed by a wide eyed emoji)

WTF HAPPENED (Followed by a wide eyed emoji)

The meme was captioned at the top saying: Shooting at Barfly? What happened? RIP RJ Franco

Barfly via Facebook
Barfly via Facebook

What is difficult to understand is why would 915 On Blast send out such a badly chosen picture along with the emoji’s which is nothing short of disrespectful. What purpose do the emoji’s or the girl’s picture serve?

Has society become so jaded and callous that we no longer know the difference between sharing some obviously tragic news and trying to capture the most likes or following on a social site, despite the fact that a human life has been taken?

To what degree do people have to go to get attention? I don’t have these answers but I hope that this poor example from 915 On Blast serves as a reminder as how not to share dreadful news and consider how the family and friends of the victim may also be affected by someone’s insensitivity when sharing on social media.

The post on 915 On Blast has been taken down since Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

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