My weakness is cupcakes. You could drop a cupcake on the ground and I will probably still eat it. I will try every flavor, every frosting, and every filling. Local bakery Sweet Addiction has been a go-to shop for interesting cupcake flavors for years now.

The first unique creation that caught my taste buds was their unicorn concha. Now they have released a whole new monster of flavor. Named 'The Gas Station Special' this cupcake consists of a classic chocolate Coca-Cola cake, cherry Slurpee frosting, hot cheetos, M&Ms, and a mini slim jim. Yeah, I feel diabetes coming just from the description.

Most El Paso restaurants like to have unique items on the menu to attract customers like Tin Man and their crazy names for craft beer or the Cowgirl donut over at Hillside coffee. Either way, this new generation of bakers know they need to make items that are Instagram worthy, which is what this cupcake is. Even if you are afraid to put all of this crazy creation in your mouth, you can at least get that cupcake selfie.

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