When El Paso 7-Eleven stores went away so did its legendary snack lineup. Slurpees, gone. The Big Gulp, gone. Big Bite? Hasta la vista.

But good news; they’ve found a new home.

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DK's Are the New 7-Elevens


You’ve probably noticed the 7-Eleven you normally visit doesn’t look like a 7-Eleven any longer.

The familiar orange, white, red, and green motif has been replaced by a muted black with a red and blue pastel color scheme. The 7-Eleven sign has gone AWOL, too. In its place is a banner that reads “DK.”

That’s because the Alon convenience stores were acquired by Delek US Holdings and have been rebranded as DK convenience stores.

The change of ownership resulted in all 7-Eleven products being removed, although I’m convinced the same couple of wieners still slowly spin on the hot dog roller. Or maybe they all just look like that no matter which convenience store you pop into.

Goodbye Speedy Freezes, Hello Slurpees

Marathon Petroleum
Marathon Petroleum

Anyway, if the comparable products under other brand names aren’t good enough for you because it’s not a “real” Slurpee or Big Bite than find the closest Speedway.

That’s where you’ll find them now.

7-Eleven's parent company bought over 3,500 Speedway stores in 2021, including the 30 or so in El Paso, and as part of that deal, Speedway is carrying 7-Eleven branded products, including Big Gulps, Big Bites, and, yes, Slurpees.

It also means 7-Eleven's popular Bring Your Own Cup Day will live on this summer.

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