El Pasoans are passionate about their sweet bread. Indulging in a good baked good is a sure way to brighten up anyone's day. Unicorns are a "fictional" creature many still want to believe exist and they possibly poop rainbows. Local bakery Sweet Addiction has found a way to combine unicorns and conchas in a delicious and glittery way.

Don't freak out, the glitter is edible and the conchas are not unicorn poop.

I took a trip out to Sweet Addiction and had an instant smile as I walk through the door. I was greeted by magical baker Paloma Trejo, who shared with me her inspiration for the crazy popular unicorn conchas. They are beautiful to look at as they are covered with a pastel rainbow, along with a dusting of edible glitter. One bite of the tasty concha and you feel as if you are on a magical unicorn ride.

Sweet Addiction continues to create new concha ideas, including a Nutella filled concha that will satisfy any hardcore Nutella addict. Plus, they are always quick to come up with new ideas like galaxy cat donuts! Make sure to support local shops and their amazing creations! I am always on the hut to find new El Paso treats

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