El Paso, Texas may no longer have anymore 7-Eleven gas stations, but that doesn't mean we can’t participate in 7-Eleven day, now known as National Slurpee Day!

Growing up, 7-eleven day was a core memory because it was a time where my parents would gather all five of their kids and we would head to the gas station to grab our favorite slurpee and beat the heat!

7 Eleven Facebook
7 Eleven Facebook

Is it National 7-Eleven Day or National Slurpee Day??

Once upon a time, Slurpee Day was known as 7 Eleven days. People would head to their local 7-Eleven gas station to get their free Slurpee, but these days 7-Eleven stores don’t exist in some cities and states so the unofficial holiday became Slurpee Day.

A few years ago El Paso got rid of 7-Eleven convenience stores and turned them into DK convenience stores.

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Can we still Get a free Slurpee if we don’t have 7-Eleven’s?

Despite El Paso not having any 7-Eleven stores, locals can still grab a free Slurpee by heading to any Speedway or Stripes gas station!

No purchase is necessary. All you have to do is walk in and grab your free small Slurpee.

All Slurpee flavors are up for grabs but I am a cherry Slurpee kind of girl.

Other locations that may not have 7-Eleven stores either including other Texas cities, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma can get one at any Stripes store. 7-Eleven owns both of those brands now.

So, beat the Texas heatwave by snagging a free Slurpee today!

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