This weekend, live murals will be projected onto buildings in downtown El Paso as part of the Street ARTreach campaign by the El Paso Center For Children.

The El Paso Center for Children’s Street ARTreach initiative aims to raise awareness for young adults through the age of 24 who are experiencing homelessness, or who may be survivors of human trafficking and child exploitation.

The new campaign which was conceived over the summer has commissioned five local artists to create special live presentation pieces that will be projected onto high-profile buildings for all to see in the downtown El Paso area.

The Street ARTreach project selected five local artists to create and exhibit their art emphasizing hope, including Christin Apodaca, Tino Ortega, Diego “Robot” Martinez, Pilo Pida, and Dead Punk.

The Artists:

Christin Apodaca – The popular El Paso artist is best known for her black and white line-heavy illustrations that she describes as Romantic Surrealism.

Christin Apodaca StreetARTreach

Tino Ortega - Ortega’s work is characterized by a kind of hyper-realism that blurs the line between photorealism and depiction. His artwork often features locals who are making a difference in the community.

Tino Ortego StreetARTreach

Diego “Robot” Martinez – Diego is best known for his bright and colorful “Robot” paintings - His perpetual robot theme is a reflection of the joy inspired by the simplicity and innocence of his daughter, and a self-reflection of his own personal life, views, and struggles.

Diego Martinez StreetARTreach

Pilo Pida – This graphic artist and freelancer is also part of the local Jellyfish Collective whose art themes express what life is like on the other side of the border and focus on making life better for migrants in Mexico.

Pilo Pida StreetARTreach

Dead Punk - Dead Punk is a self-taught artist from El Paso who combines Pop-Graffiti with a hard-edge painter style. His artwork explores the relationship between life and death incorporating pop culture references and the raw Punk aesthetic of the '80s.

Dead Punk StreetArtreach

These active murals will project more than just art as each visual will direct spectators to the El Paso Center for Children’s website and social media platforms, where intake counselors will be available 24/7 to respond discreetly via direct message, live chat, or email.

El Paso residents are invited to view these larger than life projected works of art from the comfort of their vehicles this weekend.

Viewing Dates & Locations:

Friday, September 25 - 8:00 p.m. – Midnight

  • Locations: Abraham Chavez Theatre and Dome building on Missouri St.
  • This Friday’s art projections will appear on the south façade of the Abraham Chavez Theatre and on the dome building on Missouri St.

Saturday, September 26 - 8:00 p.m. – Midnight

  • Locations: El Paso County Jail, Abraham Chavez Theatre, and the Dome building on Missouri St.
  • Saturday’s art projections will be visible from the north façade of El Paso County Jail, the Dome building, and the Abraham Chavez Theatre.


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