Uproxx created a list of the 5 Cities Where LatinX Street Art is Alive and Well, unfortunately, El Paso does not make the list!

Those that did make the list are:

  • Austin
  • New York, NY
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • San Francisco

All of them are great choices, and the art they chose to represent each city is breathtaking for sure, but I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that El Paso didn't make the list mainly because I believe we have such amazing street art!

attachment-Outlet Shoppes At El Paso

Starting off with all the amazing 3D murals that have created quite a buzz around town. Created by El Paso artist Tino Ortega, here's where you can find those selfie-worthy 3D murals across town.

Here's Where To Find All Of El Paso's 3D Balloon Mural Series:

Discover El Paso's most famous mural series created to unite our community by local artist Tino Ortega.

Tino Ortega is one of El Paso's favorite, becoming the artist that created the August 3rd memorial, and creating some beautiful portraits for the victims of the Uvalde shooting; and then chatting it up with Kelly Clarkson.

Tino Ortega
Tino Ortega

One of the things I love the most about the street art around El Paso, a lot of it almost always has something to do with things that we love, or things that are El Paso central.

Like, check out this awesome mural that showcases some of our favorite mascots, and it also includes the long gone but never forgotten, Asarco towers!

via UrbanArt915 Instagram
via UrbanArt915 Instagram

El Paso is full of very talented artists, and you can most certainly see it while cruising through the city. You can check out more El Paso artists here. You can also check out more on

El Paso Artist Jessie Gandarilla


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