Due to the stay-at-home order in El Paso, Splendid Sun Productions has put together The Lowbrow Palace Live From The Crib Music Series to benefit El Paso artists and displaced staff members.

Just like many others who have taken to social media during this pandemic - Live From The Crib will showcase weekly local acts taking the stage at home in a virtual Instagram broadcast via The Lowbrow Palace.

Prior to each show, fans will be able to interact with the bands by submitting questions on the venue’s Instagram page.

Even though some businesses are partially opening, bars and music venues are still not able to open. To help support performing artists and staff at The Lowbrow Palace, donations will be accepted through lowbrowpalace.com

Splendid Sun Productions is a Texas-born organization that produces and promotes music in El Paso, and Austin, TX. The production company is the ones behind events such as the Neon Desert Music Festival and the local music venue, The Lowbrow Palace, which was founded back in 2011.

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