Thanksgiving is coming up and families are being encouraged to enjoy a more scaled back holiday and celebrate with only those living in their home.  This apparently has turkey farmers unsure what the actual demand for the tryptophan infused bird will be this year.

Nobody is predicting a shortage so please don’t panic buy turkey.  I think we’ve all had enough of that frustrating trend.  The real guessing game comes in trying to stock stores with the right combination of large to smaller sized birds and even maybe keep a few extra turkey breasts in stock for those smaller households.

On the surface it might seem like more turkeys will be needed this year because the expectation is that extended families consisting of aunts, uncles, and cousins won’t be gathering so instead of one or two turkeys being needed for the entire group, each individual family will buy their own.  However, that doesn’t take into account those smaller families that may decide on a humbler holiday meal from a restaurant and keep their oven off entirely this year.  Others may forego Turkey altogether and plan on having an alternative meal (tofurkey anyone?).

While those questions will be answered soon enough, we at least know the following.  Even in a pandemic, it’s a good idea to find something to be thankful for and make the best out of this situation.  Also, a family’s bond runs deep and isn’t dependent on getting together so for one year at least, there’s nothing wrong with a Zoom Thanksgiving.

One more thing, don’t forget that there are others struggling this year and we can lend a helping hand by donating to The Great Thanksgiving Giveaway Benefitting the Great Khalid Foundation.  With your help, we can make Thanksgiving happen for 1,000 local families.  More info can be found by clicking here.

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