One thing about Grammy, People's Choice, American Music Awards winners, and members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is Chicago knows MUSIC.  This band who has been around since the late 60s , many of psychedelic voyages would have plunged into a psychotic abyss, but Chicago DELIVERS‼️ Students in music schools a hundred years from now will listen and SMILE.

Many have said that the horns are such a huge part of Chicago's sound, doesn't really matter who is playing and singing the other parts, while other miss the sounds of the late Terry Kath or the no longer participating member, Peter Cetera.  Like any band there is always drama and if you caught that New Year's special on CNN, I don't know how they survived!

One things for sure is that they are America's band....super songs...amazing horns!  Catch them Wednesday, March 29th at Plaza Theater at 7:30 p.m. and opening up for them is JD & the Straight Shots.

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