Some people move on to other things outside of El Paso and can be a hard and emotional time for them. People who leave El Paso for good don't just leave family, friends, or sometimes pets behind. El Paso natives also feel the heartache leaving behind their favorite places to eat, drink, or just hang out.

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Now my twin, not related just a longtime friend with the same name as me is missing a piece of El Paso. Veronica Niemietz moved out of El Paso which definitely means no Chico's Tacos for her.

El Paso Must-Haves

But Veronica N. feels as if she won the jackpot when family or friends bring her back her favorites from El Paso. Veronica's mom recently satisfied her sweet tooth by bringing her some Mexican candies.

I have lived in El Paso all my life so I haven't needed any favors as such. But I have asked for favors for when friends go to eat In-N-Out which is like how Chico's Tacos is for some of you.

But it dawned on me and got me thinking about what would I ask someone to bring me back from El Paso. I remember when I worked for DeadBeach Brewery a regular would come in to buy growlers for a friend who missed El Paso beer.

But if I left El Paso I sure would miss quite a few places that fix my certain cravings when I have them. I sure would miss the food from Tea Coasters, Ruli's International Kitchen, Malolam, El Cometa, and The Great American on the Westside. I also would ask for the latest t-shirt release from Chuco Relic to represent my hometown out of town.

But there are some El Paso natives who either live outside of El Paso or outside of Texas that make special requests. Usually, those special requests are asking their visitors to bring back a piece of home (El Paso) with them.

The way I ask for In-N-Out requests is exactly how El Paso natives ask for Chico's Tacos from whoever shall be visiting them. Someone I grew up with who comes to El Paso every so often has to have their Chico's Tacos fix and does every time.

So if you ever left El Paso, Texas and what would you ask your regular visitor from El Paso to bring back to you? Feel free to share what you would want someone to bring you back from El Paso if you left down below.

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