Buyer beware, there’s a new scam rolling on Instagram where phony Lash Techs are scamming clients out of their money. 

Amazing Lash Studio is warning clients that scammers are posing as fake lash techs to con them out of money. According to the lash studio, located a La Villita in West El Paso, a family member of one of their stylists received a DM (direct message) on her Instagram inviting her to participate in their Lash Ambassador promotion.  

The DM reads:  

"Hello! I’m reaching out because I am currently looking for lash ambassadors! You’re absolutely gorgeous, and I think you’d be a perfect candidate! You’d only pay for your first set, which will be ambassador price of $55 after you’ll receive free lashes for 2 months, and if we work together it could extend longer! The only thing I ask is you promote by posting pictures, videos, or any promotional things going on with the company on your social media accounts! Would you possibly be interested?"

Erika Fuentes

The employee's relative responds by saying she is interested as the Instagram user with the handle bestwinkxtenstions_tx responds by saying that she is located at Amazing Lash Studio at 6801 N. Mesa.  

When the employee's relative then asks if it’s possible to talk on the phone to get more information, the scammer quickly shuts her down, saying she is too busy and basically will only deal with clients who immediately give their money up. 

Erika Fuentes

At other times the scammer(s) are also known to delete their history and even resort to aggressive name-calling and offensive language. 

It’s not uncommon in the beauty industry to charge a deposit up-front instead of a cancellation fee, especially right now as the pandemic wears on, so requesting payment upfront is nothing new.  

Thankfully, some savvy online users have been calling Amazing Lash Studio before handing over their money to confirm their suspicions that this too-good-to-be-true promotion was, in fact, a scam. 

Amazing Lash Studio has contacted the El Paso Police Department and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and is trying to spread the word to ensure that no one gets taken by this bogus scam.  

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reminds consumers never to send money to anyone they don’t know, and that includes any promotions that sound too good to be true. Visit the FTC online for more information on how to avoid scams by clicking  HERE.

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