A man suspected of trying to kill his wife was arrested early Sunday morning and booked into the Dona Ana Detention Center. It all started with a domestic dispute. 

Las Cruces Police Department
Las Cruces Police Department

Carlos Ordonez is charged with one count each of attempted murder, kidnapping and battery against a household member after he slashed his wife's throat. Just a little after midnight on Sunday morning, 911 dispatch received a phone call from Ordunez that he had tried to kill his wife by slashing her throat with a household knife.

Police rushed to the mobile home park at the 200 block of Totanac road where Ordonez was waiting outside the home. He surrendered and police placed him under arrest. According to a release, Ordonez had been drinking when he began arguing with his wife late Saturday evening. Around midnight, Ordonez punched his wife in the face and threw her to the floor preventing her from leaving the home. Detectives believe Ordonez first attempted to strangle his wife then slashed her neck with a household knife.

Ordonez is being held at the Dona Ana Detention Center without bond.

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