First thing first - if you're at a bar, don't get so allegedly wasted that you cause a disturbance and get thrown out of a bar at 1 in the morning. Next thing - don't get in an unlocked car in the parking lot. Finally - do not pull a gun on the hotel security guard when he finds you in his unlocked car in the hotel parking lot after you've gotten thrown out of the bar in which you caused a disturbance.

25-year-old Edgar Feria did not follow these three simple rules about going out for the evening, and was arrested in the parking lot of the Best Western hotel on Airway and I-10 early Friday morning. He was removed from the bar and when the security guard tried to get him out of his car, Feria allegedly pulled a gun. The security guard was able to get it away from Feria and held him until the police got there.

Feria has been on the police force for four years, relieved of duty, and placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the criminal and administrative investigations.

Seriously, don't drink this much when you go out.

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