Hey, far east and Horizon City Ramen Heads, check this out: there's going to be a future spot to score noodles and broth on your end of El Paso county.

Silverlake Ramen, an award-winning L.A.-based ramen restaurant with numerous locations throughout California, has plans to expand and serve up bowls in Eastlake.

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Only Location in Texas

Silverlake Ramen
Silverlake Ramen

The first Silverlake Ramen in the entire state of Texas opened in the West Towne Marketplace in Northwest El Paso in 2020.

Named for the Los Angeles neighborhood where it opened the first location in 2012, the ramen and noodle eatery is many a Californian’s favorite place for “authentic and out-of-the-box ramen dishes” created with “made-from-scratch ingredients,” as well as rice bowls and gyoza.

Eastlake Area Growing Fast

Anyone who lives, works, or has to travel through the Eastlake area knows first-hand just how much it has grown in the last year.

Between Eastlake Marketplace and the smaller Eastlake Commons across the street, both owned and operated by River Oaks Properties, more and more national and homegrown shopping and dining establishments have opened locations in the area or have plans to do so.

Eastlake Silverlake

Silverlake Ramen has snagged a space at Eastlake Commons. According to site plans, the vegan-friendly ramen and noodle restaurant will sit between a Korean BBQ in a cup place and a nail salon.

It’s currently in the design phase so slurping your way through lunch or dinner there is a bit of a ways off.

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