There's a new place to score noodles and broth in El Paso.

Silverlake Ramen, the award-winning L.A. based ramen and noodle eatery with numerous locations throughout California, is now serving up bowls at West Towne Marketplace in far west El Paso.

According to shopping center officials, the EP location is the first Silverlake Ramen restaurant in the entire state of Texas. Not Dallas, not Austin, or Houston or San Antonio. Right here in El Paso. Because we’re a hidden gem, that’s why!

Named for the Los Angeles neighborhood where it opened the first location in 2012, Silverlake is many a Californian’s favorite place for “authentic and out-of-the-box ramen dishes” created with “made-from-scratch ingredients,” as well as rice bowls and gyoza. This writer hasn't tried it yet, but Noodle Heads on the internet say it's legit.

Silverlake Ramen is located next to Crab Station at 6450 N Desert Blvd in the West Towne Marketplace. Per their social media, it's open for dining inside as well as on the patio. If you're not ready to eat among a bunch of randos, you can pick up or order delivery.

Silverlake Ramen joins a growing number of local places noodle fans love to drop in on to get their broth on.

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