When you think of pop stars that made it from El Paso, Khalid is obviously the biggest one out there. However there's ANOTHER superstar from El Paso that while people know, more people SHOULD know. And that's Krystall Poppin.

Anyone's listened to Krystall knows that she's got hits under her belt: "Outta My Way", "Smellin' Like Dior", & "Hello" all with views in the hundreds of thousands on her YouTube channel.

She's also worked with a lot of different artists in the world of hip hop & pop:

But while she's been climbing the ranks steadily in music, one thing that HASN'T changed is her love for El Paso. Earlier in November of this year, The City Magazine on issue 104, even titled Krystall as "The El Paso Queen of Hip Hop".

And the love doesn't stop there; Krystall absolutely has plenty of love for El Paso to show in her latest video for "Livin'", which was shot IN El Paso.

Try to see how many places & landmarks you recognize.

Now Krystall could've filmed ANYWHERE she wanted to for the video, but here's the reason WHY she chose El Paso:

"It was so important to shoot "Livin'" in El Paso because I tell a big piece of my story in the song. I speak on my block growing up, my struggles and the passing of my father. All things that happened in the city. All locations are special to me and I waited for the right song to show everyone where I personally come from in El Paso." - Krystall Poppin


The video was later shared on The Real FitFam Instagram page, with many people praising Krystall for her inclusion of El Paso in the video & praising with how far she has come since her start of her career.

I don't think I need to state the obvious but Krystall Poppin ain't stoppin'... she's just gettin' started.

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