If you are a longtime listener of Mike and Tricia Mornings, you know we are, oh, let's call it, unique. We have a lot of running jokes that our 17 listeners know all about. But if you are new to the show, you might need this cheat sheet to get you up to speed on our silliness:

1. We have 17 listeners - Not really, but really. We always joke that we only have 17 listeners because we're just a little, humble morning show. When you call us at 880-9393 to chat, make sure you tell us which number you are.

2. We believe in ghosteses - Our station is haunted. We've even had it investigated by a psychic and she said not only do we have ghosteses (plural for ghost), but we even have cat ghosteses. Don't believe us? Listen to a ghost that talked to us in our studio!

3. Mike hates it when you say "shrimp fajitas" - Fajita meat is skirt steak, and Mike really loses it when anyone says "chicken fajitas" or "shrimp fajitas" because those are not skirt steaks. Just listen to what happened when I got him started on the topic recently.

4. We don't keep up with the Kardashians - Well, at least, Mike doesn't. I love the Kardashians. I think they are hilarious and shocking and I especially love Khloe. A little while back, Mike had enough of my Kardashian Kraziness and announced that we wouldn't talk about them anymore on the air. But if you call me, I'll dish all the Kardash dirt with you on the phone.

5. We don't like cats because they will eat your face - It's true, there are stories about it. Mike and I are dog people, but we like you even if you like the kitties.

6. We say supposably. A lot. - There used to be a reporter for KFOX TV who said "supposably" on the air. When you're trapped in a small room with one other person for four hours, I mean, when you work with someone as wonderful as Mike, things like a reporter saying "supposably" make you act like Beevis and Butthead.

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