Who's the good boy? Me.

Friday, Feb. 23 was National Dog Biscuit Day, and in observance of the faux "holiday" I foolishly convinced Tricia to let our listeners decide which one of us they would most like to see eat dog biscuits for breakfast.

My thinking was that my 22 years on the radio station had bought all kinds of love and goodwill and that there was no way I would be the one eating doggie treats.

Boy, was I wrong. Now I know how Hillary Clinton felt on that fateful November day.

All in all, they weren't bad.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to open up a can of Alpo for dinner anytime soon - or ever - but if I lost another dog biscuit bet in the future it wouldn't be the worst thing.

Honestly, I could use a side hustle, so if any dog biscuit maker out there ever needs to employ a human taste tester give me a call.

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