If you listen to Mike and Tricia Mornings you know that there are a few words that we like to have fun with. You'll often hear us say, "I can't believable!" We know that's the correct use of the word, but it's just an inside joke between Mike and I and our listeners. Another word we like to have fun with is "moist". You know it's a gross word, we know it's a gross word, but we just can't help but use it to crack each other up. Sometimes I'll even write that word into a funny news story just so Mike will react on air.

Another word is "panties," for the obvious reason. There is just no way to say that without it being nasty. Last week I told Mike about another word that kind of oogs me out because there is just no way to say it without sounding nasty. "Taste" is a word that is nasty sounding to me because no matter what you're tasting, you're going to have to put it in your mouth, which sounds nasty, too.

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been discussions about a serial masturbator in Kern Place, and the word'moist' always comes up because when the monsoon season rolls around, we get our weather peeps from ABC-7 talking about moist air, so nasty words have been flying fast and furious around the KISS FM studio.

Check out Mike's tell-me-no-don't-tell-me fight with himself when I ask if he wants me to tell him why the word taste is so nasty. Stick around for Mike's go at the word. He even has background music.

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