KISS-FM's Monika will join the El Paso Sun City Pride Parade as a Grand Marshal on August 28 at Houston Park.

EP Sun City Pride
EP Sun City Pride

(My boss asked me if I was planning on interviewing myself for this article, I said yes, so here it goes - lol)

Over the weekend, El Paso Sun City Pride held its sashing party announcing this year's Pride Parade Grand Marshals, including KISS-FM's midday personality, Monika.

This year El Paso Sun City Pride extended the festivities throughout the summer to make up for a year lost in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Nitro Dresden
Nitro Dresden

Since June, the official month for Pride, El Paso Sun City Pride has held dozens of events throughout the city, including a kick-off Pride Block Party at Raves Club in East El Paso followed by a series of events from Pride Night at Southwest University Park with the El Paso Chihuahuas to the Locomotives, a pool party, Bingo bar crawl, DJ's and so much more.

After three months of lively events, Pride Summer will close out on August 28 at Houston Park with the official El Paso Pride Parade for 2021.
On Sunday, El Paso Sun City Pride hosted its Sashing Party to announce this year's Grand Marshals, which includes:
  • Julie Lucas - Border Rainbow Center Food Pantry Director
  • Chef Luis Orozco -  Border Rainbow Center Food Pantry
  • Cindy Bryant- Owner of Raves Club
  • David Stout - El Paso County Commissioner
  • Monika - On-air personality at KISS-FM
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When Monika asked herself what it meant to be invited as a Grand Marshal, she commented,

Thank you to El Paso Sun City Pride for the invitation. I am truly honored to be included in such extraordinary company as a Grand Marshal for this year's Pride Parade. I look forward to and invite everyone to celebrate the beauty and diversity of our LBGTQ+ community on August 28 at Houston Park and congratulations to all the Grand Marshals!

El Paso Sun City Pride Parade

  • Saturday - August 28, 2021
  • Free to attend
  • Family-Friendly
  • Parade Start Time: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
  • Starting Point: 700 E. Mills Ave (Corner of N. Ochoa St. and E. Mills Ave.)

New Parade Route:

  • The parade will start at E. Mills and N. Ochoa St.
  • Head west on E. Mills Ave at N. Campbell St.
  • Make a right turn on N. Campbell St and continue.
  • Turn right at the corner of N. Campbell and Montana Ave and continue
  • The parade ends at Montana Ave and N. St Vrain.

For more details on the El Paso Sun City Pride Parade, visit

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