If you need a for sure way to brighten up your day, you need more tuba in your life.

This video is proof of that.

You can try to resist a smile, but this kid playing Khalid's song through a speaker and using the bass boost through his tuba is the video you never knew you needed.


Where it all started ##fypシ

♬ original sound - Micah

As you can see, the tuba is a magic instrument that can instantly make a musical moment hilarious. Not sure if Khalid would approve of this remix, but a good guess would be yes.

Since Khalid is very active on his own TikTok, dancing it up to different sounds.



♬ original sound - prod.suavelee

Even dancing to his latest releases, including Scenic Drive.


What y’all know about these 2000’s dances?

♬ Scenic Drive (feat. Ari Lennox & Smino) - Khalid

Khalid is even THAT nice of a guy, he posts other people dancing on his TikTok to spread the love.


Love watching @Jalaiah ##ShareTheMagic. Show us what you’ve got.

♬ Open - Khalid feat. Majid Jordan

Then you can keep on scrolling and find Khalid dancing with his friends in airports, because WHY NOT?!


just airport things with my bestie

♬ He thought he ate that - High Class Barb

As I have written about many times before, if you are not following Khalid on TikTok, you aren't living the Khalid fan life right. He is incredibly entertaining and he does commercials on TikTok too that aren't really boring.


Let’s make some magic happen together with @cocacola. You ready?

♬ Open - Khalid feat. Majid Jordan

Make sure to support him and give him a follow to see when he is back in El Paso again!

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