GHOST IN THE MACHINE: KESHA was on JIMMY KIMMEL'S show last night, and one of the things she discussed was … wait for it … her belief that a ghost lives inside her down there parts! Whaaaa???

Kesha, by the way, has been working out lately and hasn’t exactly been shy about showing off the results of all that hard work. The latest in super-sexy Instagram poses include another booty shot, and an under-boob photo. Last week Kesah lit up the Internet when she posted a photo of herself on all fours sticking her butt up in the air while wearing a thong!

RIHANNA'S TWITTER POSTS LEAD TO TWO ARRESTS: Two unrelated arrests have been made in Thailand thanks to RIHANNA. More specifically, thanks to RiRi's constant Tweeting. One was a bar owner, who was hosting some sort of raunchy sex show that Rihanna went to. Her Tweet, which is way too raunchy for me to even link, tipped off the local authorities, who tracked down the bar, arrested the owner, and charged him with obscenity and operating without a permit. Rihanna later posted an Instagram photo of herself playing with an endangered mammal. That led Thai police to arrest a 20-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy, who are now looking at up to four years in prison for possession of protected animals.

WATCH - SANDRA BULLOCK RAPS: SANDRA BULLOCK has been wowing audiences with her performance in the movie "Gravity" -- and now she's wowing the Internet with her rapping skillz. Bullock performed the '70s classic "Rapper's Delight" on a British talk show this past weekend. She said she learned it to woo a boy in high school. "And sadly it worked," she added.

Later, on the same show ... she and "Gravity" co-star TOM HANKS did "Chopsticks" on an operational piano mat like the one Tom danced on in the movie "Big." And she did it in high heels and short shorts!

'DANCING' UPDATE - SURPRISE ELIMINATION: "Dancing With the Stars" had its first surprise elimination of the season last night. Despite high praise and a high score, CHRISTINA MILIAN did not get enough votes last week and was sent packing.

THEN AND NOW - MACAULAY CULKIN: MACAULAY CULKIN made a rare public appearance over the weekend, showing up at a New York Comic Con panel for the Adult Swim show "Robot Chicken." The 33-year-old Culkin isn’t seen out much since, and he sure looked a whole lot healthier than he did last year when he was allegedly hooked on heroin and was thisclose to dying. A rumor his rep denied as "impossibly and ridiculously fictitious." (THEN) (NOW) (NOW)

TODAY IN SHIRTLESS CELEBRITIES: 46-year-old celebrity chef GORDON RAMSAY showed off his shirtless bod after finishing the Ironman Championship in Hawaii this past weekend. Well done, chef! See what I did there? Hi-Yo!!!

JON BON JOVI WALKS FAN DOWN THE AISLE: All you kids out there inviting celebrities to your proms on YouTube, time to step your game up. The new standard is getting a celebrity to be in your wedding party.

Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, the same spot where he married his wife Dorothea in 1989.

WHEN CELEBRITIES GET AIR BRUSHED - BRITNEY SPEARS: When the BRITNEY SPEARS "Work Bitch" video was released last week, the World Wide Web of Celebrity Fat Shaming couldn’t stop talking about how hawt and thinner than usual Brit looked. Well, it turns out the secret to her slimmer figure is the classic digital diet.

A raw image from the video shoot surfaced, revealing a thicker pre-video Britney, confirming what many on the ‘net had initially believed – that Brit’s tautness was the result of some computer trickery. (BEFORE/AFTER SIDE BY SIDE)

This is done all the time, so frankly, I don’t’ think it’s that big a deal. Besides, even in the "before" picture, I don't see anything I don't like.

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