CHARLIE SHEEN EMERGES!!! SEES HIS SHADOW!!! DOES THAT MEAN SIX MORE WEEKS OF REHAB???:  X17Online has snapped the first pics of CHARLIE SHEEN emerging from his home since the now legendary bender. 

It's 2 in the afernoon and Charlie's still wearing a bathrobe, his hair is all messed up, and he's got dark shades on. Party on, dude! 

CHARLIE SHEEN-ANIGANS: TMZ posted footage of CHARLIE SHEEN dancing like a white guy with THREE scantily clad ladies at the onset of his 36-hour cocaine fueled party last week. 

Check it HERE, homies!  And how 'bout his jacked up teefuses in the above pic? It looks like he's got Meth Mouth going on in there, no?  

THE HALLE BERRY DIVORCE DRAMA: A RadarOnline source claimed earlier this week KIM KARDASHIAN was indirectly responsible for the HALLE BERRY custody battle. Halle supposedly lost it when baby daddy GABRIEL AUBRY started dating Kim last year.

In this week's "People" magazine, their source says it's not that Halle was jealous or even cares who Aubry dates, it's that "she didn't want Nahla exposed to the cameras that are undoubtedly around a reality star.

Another source, this one close to Gabriel, says 'Nahla was never around Kim." Gabriel wanted to make sure he dated someone for six months before he introduced them to his daughter," said the source.

LADY GAGA IN DENIAL: LADY GAGA'S rep is denying reports from "Star" magazine claiming Gaga has an out-of-control cocaine and drug habit. "Star" got it's info from a supposed pal, who says the Gaga "relies heavily on cocaine to give her the pump in creativity that she thinks it sparks." 

The insider goes on to claim Gaga has a "crazy room" in her house where she gets high and "writes all over the walls." Says the source, "The idea for her meat costume was the result of a coke-fueled binge that she went on." Lady Gaga's rep calls the whole thing "ridiculous." 

CHRISTINA AGUILER IN DENIAL: A source close to CHRISTINA AGUILERA spoke to the website Gossipcop to deny claims by "In Touch" that her friends are "encouraging her to get help for a drinking problem." 

The tab is reporting that Christina has been out of control drinking and "partying and carousing more than ever" since splitting from her husband, Jordan Bratman. The source close to Aguilera says those rumors are "not true." 

TIMBERLAKE ON THE PROWL...AGAIN: Add MILA KUNIS to the list of actresses JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has his eye on. "Us Weekly" reports the two were spotted hanging out at the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards, and according to thier insider, JT was "aggressively pursuing" Kunis. 

The source goes on to describe them as "pretty inseparable" at the after-party, and that Timberlake was "obsessed" with (her) during filming of their movie, "Friends With Benefits." Despite all of this, another insider tells they are really just friends. 

ELLEN "MILKS"JENNIFER ANISTON ON LIVE TV: JENNIFER ANISTON was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" yesterday, and Ellen had her put on vibrating BREAST ENHANCERS!!! As soon as Ellen turned it on, Jennifer squealed, then asked if she was "getting milked" ... 

There was another humorous moment when Ellen asked if the rumor that she's adopting a dog is true, and Jennifer replied "I think you're confusing that with the Mexican child I'm supposedly adopting." Neither story, by the way, is true. 

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "I love it when people send me body parts." - KE$HA, in a "Rolling Stone" interview. She adds, "Somebody sent me their tooth, which I now wear as an earring. It's a molar, I think." 

NFL HUNKS: For many of you ladies, we know that the best part of the Super Bowl is those hot guys with the well-toned butts in those tight, white pants. With that in mind, E! Online has put together a list of the Hottest Hunks in the NFL ... 

On their list, in no particular order are Tom Brady, Troy Polamalu, Terrell Owens, Mark Sanchez, and Tony Romo. You can check out a photo gallery of all 15 here.