Three new eateries, Ke’Flauta, Noddles and Dumplings, and Yamaguchi Ramen pop up on Mesa St. near Kern Place.

West El Paso just got tastier with the opening of the following new restaurants:

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Ke’Flauta has opened up their second location on Mesa St. right off of Sun Bowl Dr. offering a smorgasbord of tasty flautas, tacos, burritos and so much more. The draw to this place is, of course, their flautas which come stuffed with either, beef, potato, chicken or tuna and can be topped with wither buffalo sauce, traditional style, mole or vaquero style (chili beans and cheese). The new Ke’ Flauta location is now open and you can also visit their other location at 5100 Doniphan Dr. – Check out their menu HERE

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Noodles & Dumplings

Noodles & Dumplings is expanding with an express location at 2601 N. Mesa St, across from Cincinnati. This place has got the freshest noodles around and a must-try if you haven’t had the pleasure of doing so already. This is their third location, the other two are located at 4650 Woodrow Bean and 6303 N Mesa St. The new Noodles & Dumpling location by Kern is set to open sometime in March - Check out their menu HERE

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Yamaguchi Ramen

Another new delicious eatery, Yamaguchi Ramen is opening up their second location tomorrow at the University Hill Plaza – the same shopping center where Mesa Street Grill and University Vision Center are located (4012 N Mesa St.). Yamaguchi Ramen offers a variety of ramen soups and teriyaki bowls and will have a soft opening coming up tomorrow, Thursday, February 13, 2020. Yamaguchi Ramen also has a location at 2000 Lee Trevino – Check them out HERE


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