You've grown to love the beautiful Kate Upton in, well, any commercial really. From Carl's Jr's juicy advertisements to The Game of War goddess. But now she is being replaced, but by who?

Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images

Mariah Carey, yes you read that right, Mariah Carey is now replacing Kate Upton in The Game of War commercials. No one really knows why or what happened to the endorsement going through Upton but now there is a new goddess in town.

Seems like Mariah is trying to stay in the spotlight after her divorce with Nick Cannon, she has a new show in Vegas at Caesars Palace coliseum and a new album out. An endorsement deal had to be next on her list and this is it for her. No word or comments from Kate's people on the matter but we can only hope she will be back with Carl's Jr soon.