Ever go to a store and find out they're out of something you wanted? This woman was a tad upset.

This woman is obviously upset about not getting her Skittles. So instead of making time to go out to another store, maybe a Walmart, Target, or some place else, because let's face it there are tons of places you can get some skittles, she decides to go ballistic and wreck the store.

She tears down everything by the counter off the shelves, then proceeds to walk some aisles and completely destroy the products off the shelves without any thought. She continues to babble some words about the store not having Skittles. Some patrons in the store try and tell her to calm down but the woman is nowhere near calm.

Personally I think there are some underlying issues here, maybe her parents didn't let her have any candy as a child, because this woman is straight up throwing a temper tantrum.