Attention El Paso dino hunters: T. Rexes have come back to life and have been spotted on the west side.

Jurassic Empire, a national touring exhibition featuring giant animatronic dinosaurs, has transformed the Sunland Park Mall parking lot into a prehistoric world for its first-ever Jurassic Dinosaur drive-through event.

The dino drive-through, described on its website as an all-new interactive exhibit that features 60 life size ultra-realistic dinosaurs, will take dinosaur loving fans back to a time when giant reptiles roamed mall parking lots, um, I mean, roamed the earth.

Velociraptors, triceratops, and long-necks; just about all the dinosaurs you know and love from every movie Hollywood has ever made about the Jurassic and Ice Age periods are represented. And I’m told, they’re all motion-sensored so as soon as you approach one they start moving or roaring.

Tickets cost $59 to $95 per vehicle, depending on the day and number of occupants, and the journey takes anywhere from 20 minutes to a one hour based on the number of cars in front of you and how fast you go.

If there’s a future paleontologist in your family and you can swing the admission price you might want to hit Jurassic Empire up before the event becomes extinct at the end of this week.

Jurassic Empire
Jurassic Empire

What to Know Before You Go

• Tickets sold online only at
• General Admission: $59 weekday/$69 weekend per car 1-7 persons , Cars with 8 -14 persons $95 weekend
• Thursday, July 8: 2pm – 8pm
• Friday, July 9: 2pm – 8pm
• Saturday, July 10: 10am — 8pm
• Sunday, July 11: 10am — 8pm

You can show up anytime within the time slot you select. In other words, if you choose 2pm-4pm you can drive up and drive through anytime within that time-frame.

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