Chihuahua state authorities have declared a state of emergency in Juarez after the snow storm of 2015 over the Christmas weekend.

Photo courtesy: Kelly Plasker

Cold weather has paralyzed the border city over the weekend not leaving out the residents of Juarez. Many families don’t have decent homes or proper heating to live in such treacherous conditions.

The declaration, also issued on early Monday morning to the rest of the 66 municipalities in the state, will be submitted in the next days to the Mexican federal government's Natural Disasters Fund. 53 municipalities had reported heavy snow or sleet causing many to get stuck and without proper protection from the elements the worse is yet to be determined. And another 13 municipalities reported dangerously low temperatures.

The weather conditions across Chihuahua this weekend were similar to those reported in February 2011, when Juarez and Chihuahua City reported freezing temperatures.