Usually, on the first day of school, there are all kinds of emotions the parent and child feel. Some kids are excited to return, others nervous, and some are just sad that summer is over.

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As for my son, he was totally stoked to be back in contact with new friends since he was homeschooled last year. Normally the first day of school should be the opposite of scary for students and staff.

Yesterday being the first day of school for some students in El Paso didn't turn out so great. Apparently, there were some threats made yesterday to a couple of schools and even at the County Courthouse.

Now that is definitely not a great start to a fresh school year if you ask me. On top of that, after Uvalde's tragedy, some students in El Paso worry about something like that happening at their schools.

But the city of El Paso knows exactly how it feels to face a tragedy just like Uvalde. We can't forget the massacre that occurred at Walmart on Saturday, August 3, 2019.

After parents were notified about the threats at their kid's schools didn't help every parent's worst nightmare. One parent who has a license to carry was furious about the matter and was even on standby.

Of course, as parents, we want to do everything in our power to keep them safe at all times. Also, it takes training and working for the law to be able to help a situation like that.

I am positive that my children's grandpa who has a license to carry would be on standby. But their grandpa went through training since he at one point was a police officer and retired CBP officer.

I won't ever own a gun simply because I can't stand the loud pop. But if I had a license to carry, I too would be at my kid's school on standby.

Any parent would do anything to save and protect their child no matter what. Not that I want to imagine the situation but honestly if I were in Uvalde I would be the parent getting arrested. Simply because I would not be able to stand by and do NOTHING.

I feel the El Paso Police Department would handle the situation better than Uvalde's Police Department. After the first day of school threats, I would like to know how many El Paso parents who have a license to carry were also on standby like Robert Ceballos. Share your two cents if you would do the same or not in the poll below.

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