If you have been watching the news then you should know Covid-19 cases are on the rise again. But we all know how it has gone bad in the past and it wasn't fun.

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Recently, you may have noticed news reports about Covid-19 cases on the rise again this summer. KTSM 9 News the other day shared the report about the rise which you can see on their website.

This got me wondering something after watching the news the other night. There are some people in El Paso still considered lucky souls who have not been in contact with Covid-19 yet.

I had a couple of close calls when Covid-19 had just started in 2020. The crazy thing is though those close calls had me surprised how I didn't catch Covid-19 as others had.

For example, some of us had Covid-19 smothered in our faces and we still didn't catch it. Well, I had gone about two years without catching Covid-19 until January of this year.

But there are still some people in El Paso who are lucky and still have not caught Covid-19. Now what is scary is you think it is going away until you hear the news say cases are on the rise again.

So in my daughter's case, she has gotten Covid-19 a total of two times now since 2020. As for me, it has only been this year when I caught Covid-19.

But I am curious as to how many of you have still been roaming around El Paso coronavirus-free since 2020. Props to you if you have managed to get through all these years without getting Covid-19.

Well, my curiosity has me wondering exactly how many of you in El Paso have been lucky enough to avoid it. Place your answer in the poll below on the option that suits you best.

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