The UTEP Department of Theatre & Dance has REALLY, OUT done themselves with this next play.

Written in 2009 by Sarah Ruhl, whom actually was awarded a 1/2 million dollar MacArther Fellowhip for her play which include, "The Clean House", a playwright, who according to Forbes Magazine article brings the celebration on with "the pleasure of heightened things."

This show is set in the late 1890's, right after the Civil War at the early dawn of electricity!  Director Jay Stratton, assistant professor of performance, brings the story of Mrs. Givings (Mariana Baidon-Carrilo) and Dr. Givings (Joseph Fernandez) whom have had electricity installed in the parlor and more importantly in the NEXT ROOM where the doctor practices gynecology the NEW SCIENCE of helping woman with their southern sad problems (wink, wink, hint, hint).

So with that KNOW this has obviously ADULT CONTENT!!!!

New patient, Mrs. Daldry (Lauren Wagner), is suffering from manifestations that ring bells for her husband Mr. Daldry (Nicholas Thomas).  She has outburst of tears and fragile to light and must find a way to help in their marital BLAST.

The laughs are one after another with the depiction of primitive ways of finding...shall we say satisfaction in relations...for women and men including for Leonard Irving (Jared Berry) comical way of taking the role into a brilliant direction.

The play brings understanding with love, children, loss of child, marriage, and wanting what LIFE is about...i say LOVE!!!

The costume design to the lighting, to set design, along with makeup props, and everything brings the story into the roller coaster ride of what women went through and still do...

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