How would you like to lose 8-15 inches in 3 short weeks? Have your pants and skirts fit losely, or better yet wear that coveted outfit that's been hanging in your closet?

Well what if I told you that you could lose weight and inches and keep it off with Inches-A-Weigh! It's true - I am living testimony! I lost 11 lbs alone in one month following my personalized program at Inches-A-Weigh.

Inches-A-Weigh simply works. And believe it or not...It was fun and it's for Women Only!

If you are frustrated with all the fad diets that you've put yourself on and ended up dissapointed! Then join me this Saturday at Inches-A-Weigh!

I invite you to come  in and talk to the experts and ask all the questions you need answers to and even have a chance at winning a FREE  1 year membership at Inches-A-Weigh!

Plan on joining me this Saturday starting at 12noon and bring your girlfriends too!

Inches-A-Weigh, 6633 N Mesa, at 12 noon.

Got Questions? Email me at or facebook me! Can't wait to see you! ;-)

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