Celebrities are always in the spotlight. Sometimes it can get annoying, so some celebrities like to wear disguises or go through the back entrance. Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, has come up with a pretty rude technique.

In an interview with Variety, Lawrence recently admitted to being rude in public to fans because that is how she defends herself. She has no problem rejecting her fans, just so she can be left alone in public, “Once I enter a public place, I become incredibly rude. I turn into a huge a–hole,” Lawrence said. “That’s my only way of defending myself.”

I guess it depends on your personality when it comes to Lawerence's response. Some people could really be hurt about her giving rude reactions to fans. Others can understand that it is hard to be a celebrity, since they are always in the public eye.

While doing the interview with Adam Sandler, Lawerence was shocked that Sandler wasn't as rude. Sandler joked that he actually feeds his fans that pull up a chair, because he is already old. The only technique that works for him is a mind-game with his fans. He just repeats to them that they don't really want that selfie, until the fan realizes on their own, that they really don't want a selfie.

Maybe El Paso's adopted son Khalid can take some advice from these two veteran celebrities, since he can't even eat Whataburger without a complaint.

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