She's “El Paso’s Sweetheart,” so called because she's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

Outside the boxing ring.

On the canvas, well, let's just say Jennifer Han is not a two-time IBF Boxing Champion, three-time Women's National Golden Glove Champion, and El Paso’s first-ever boxing world champion because of her gentle disposition.

In this latest Only in El Paso  video, Han "shares her fighting passion and how her mission is to continue to make her hometown proud, one fight and championship at a time."

El Paso’s Sweetheart -- as sweet and humble as always.

The KCOS web series highlights digital shorts made by local filmmakers about El Paso; its history, culture, and its people. Now in its third season, the current batch of hometown video includes spotlights on local bootmakers, and El Paso’s Star.

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