No matter where you live, there are certain words and phrases that only you and your homies understand.  Here are a few El Paso-isms.

There are some words, phrases, nicknames, etc  that everyone gets, whether they're from a certain area or not. For example, "Mickey Dees" is a pretty well known way of referring to McDonalds.

Some things are completely foreign to outsiders or newbies though.

In and around El Paso, we have a lot of references that only we really get. Tell a recent arrival you're "going up Tranny" and they'll have no idea you're driving over Trans Mountain Road.

Technically, it's Woodrow Bean/Trans Mountain Road. "Woodrow Bean" was added decades after the roads construction. (Another thing outsiders wouldn't know.)

McDonald's Unhappy Over McJob Addition To Dictionary
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Here are a few more...

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

Ay Ay, (pronounced eye-eye), is a Spanish phrase that, (we know), can mean pretty much anything.

"I don't believe you" = Ay Ay

"Whatever" = Ay Ay

Hearing the punchline of a joke = Ay Ay

The list goes on and on ...

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