A family-owned food truck trailer was stolen in Central El Paso, Texas. The family desperately needs it back and they, along with EPPD, are asking for the public's help.

Valentina Mexican Food Truck has been a staple at the Fox Plaza flea market for almost a decade. Last October, they bought a trailer to store the equipment they need to operate around El Paso.

They parked it at Fox Plaza Friday night, (March 1st), as usual, so that it would be in place to set up Saturday and be ready to do business during the flea market on Sunday.

The trailer contained everything they needed to operate their food truck around town.

“Whoever stole it, unfortunately, you stole not only material things, but you stole part of our hard work, our family’s hard work. Sorry, I don’t have the right words for them,” said the food truck’s manager, Donna Elizalde.

Having the trailer stolen was a huge blow for the family, but it couldn’t stop them from finding solutions as their livelihood depends on it. - ktsm

The family was able to scramble around and find some temporary tents, tables, chairs, and other things to open that Sunday. They will eventually need to replace everything though, unless the trailer and equipment are found. The new gear will set them back around $15K - $20K.

Photo, KTSM 9 News/YouTube
Photo, KTSM 9 News/YouTube

The photo abovre is the trailer, please keep an eye out for it. If you have any information about who stole it or where it might be, the family asks you to call EPPD at (915) 276-6145 or (915) 979-3350.

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