When you a set of train tracks; keep in mind... there might be something flying down the tracks soon & when that train comes, it's best advised you move out of the way. Last thing you want is to get stuck and your car gets hit; that would really ruin your day. Lately we've seen an influx on accidents at train crossings here in El Paso. The latest happening on November 9th in Tornillo; where a pickup truck crosses the tracks and doesn't see an oncoming Sunset Limited Amtrak train.

Amazingly the footage of this was captured on the Franky's Carne Seca security camera, the footage would later appear on FitFam.

Thankfully no one was hurt & the train was able to keep going after 5 hours.

In fact it was only a month ago where a semi truck got stuck on the tracks in Fabens & was hit by a Union Pacific train. No one was injured in this crash either but someone DID manage to film the incident on their smart phone.

There is definitely not a new occurrence in Texas by any means.

Within the last decade, we've seen many Texas cities have some truly unbelievable train/car collisions.

There's Schertz outside of San Antonio..



and especially Midland...

In fact, according to Operation Lifesaver, Texas is the #1 state in terms of how many collisions with trains we see every year. Last year we had 247 resulting in 58 injuries & 17 fatalities.

So remember... when see a train tracks; it's best advised to stop BEFORE crossing. Make sure you look both ways because you never know when that train's a-comin'.

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