A recent ranking of the least trusted brands in the United States of America named a ton of restaurants across Texas and a bunch are right here in El Paso.

Clarify Capitol ranked the most and least trusted brands in the country and, when it came to restaurants, the 915 is LOADED with the least trusted ones.

In the retail world, Amazon is king having been named as most trusted with Walmart and Target in 2nd and 3rd respectively. The least trusted retailers were Albertson's and Lowes who each also have many locations around El Paso. (source)

When it comes to restaurants, I pay more attention. Grocery store popularity levels don't mean as much to me because, ultimately, price dictates where I shop. Whether or not they have these can also play into my decision making.

Restaurants are a different matter though. I only frequent those that I trust because they're not selling me stuff I'm going to go home and clean, prepare, etc. THEY have control over that so, I pay more attention.

Not enough though I guess as 2 chains that I go to a lot scored really low on the trust factor. Clarify Capitol based their findings on the answers given by a group of over 1,000 American workers and consumers.

Panera Bread, Chipotle and Sonic are the top 3 LEAST trusted brands in the country. Panera Bread, eh ... I've never been there as it's not my kinda place. I'm not really a salad guy.

Chipotle though, 9 in El Paso and 1 on Fort Bliss, I do visit now and then so, this sucks to hear. Sonic? Hellz yeah ... I can only go so long without my double cheeseburger, tater tots and slushy. This is terrible news.

Not that it's going to make me quit going to either place though ... they've been good to me so far and 1,000 strangers aren't changing my mind.

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