This summer, for the 2nd time, Fort Bliss is inviting El Paso and Borderland residents to dance, party and mingle just in time for Armed Forces Day.

The 2nd annual community - military ball, presented by Fort Bliss and the El Paso Chamber of Commerce will be held May 18th in the El Paso Convention Center.

Discounted "early bird" tickets, priced at a 20% discount and available for a limited time only, go on sale Thursday. Click here to register.

The event is meant to draw the local civilian and military population together to get to know one another, have some fun and learn about each others traditions, military and cultural, while also recognizing Armed Forces Day.

All while doing a good thing ... raising money for programs and activities to be enjoyed throughout the year by military and civilians alike. While celebrating the unique and close relationship El Paso and Fort Bliss share.

El Paso Is Fort Bliss And Fort Bliss Is El Paso

The bond between El Paso and Fort Bliss is strong and one would surely suffer without the other. Veterans, while coming from all over, often choose to stay here when they leave the military because the city offers so much love and respect.

One committee member, Mark Meeks, praised that fact:

El Paso epitomizes the seamless transition from military to civilian life, offering a supportive environment where service members and their families seamlessly integrate into the vibrant civilian community. Here, the bonds forged in military life extend to the streets, as veterans find solace and purpose in the embrace of a city that honors their sacrifice. - kfoxtv

The Chamber of Commerce added that:

... it "[envisions] El Pasoans across diverse backgrounds coming together with our military members in this cherished tradition," which is meant to celebrate the "commitment, service and sacrifices of our armed forces," while, "acknowledging Fort Bliss Installation's significant role within our community." - kfoxtv

Good people, good times and good causes ... let's do this. Learn more and register here.

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